LAGERHOF store with the slogan “FOR BIG AND SMALL” offers a wide range of new and used agricultural machinery, which is excellent value for money.

At Lagerhof you will be able to find machinery for both personal and professional use.

We are the authorised representative of renowned Slowenian brands such as SIP, Robust, Creina and others. We are also the main importers and service providers for agricultural machinery of the brands Hofman, Ozdoken, Fimaks and many others, which can be found in our sales program. The broad range of machinery and equipment is further extended by our offer of the Korean LS tractors, for the distribution of which we are responsible across Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

Razstava kmetijske mehanizacije


Today at our store, tomorrow at your doorstep! With our own home delivery we ensure, that your chosen machine will be delivered as quickly as possible.

Delivery across the whole Europe!

Dostava kmetijske mehanizacije na dom


For smooth and uninterrupted operation of your machine, our repairmen will help you as soon as possible. From consulting to field repairs. With a constant stock of spare parts, we make sure that your machine is in use for a long time.

Dostava kmetijske mehanizacije na dom


We are located in the industrial zone in Podplat, right by the main road Šmarje pri Jelšah - Rogaška Slatina.

Podplat 6
3241 Podplat

Tel: +386 (0) 82 / 015 - 915